Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked, and that we will ask you when you are booking.

What type of site are you looking for? I.e. caravan/tent/trailer tent/swags/ mobile home/ roof top tent etc. (caravan sites, mobile homes & trailer tents typically go on sites with water), all the rest usually just want a site to pitch on.

Are you travelling as a group & if so do you need to be together? NOTE: there is presently only one area where a tent and caravan can pitch together, near the playground.

What size is/are the caravans/trailers etc?  Some sites are larger than others, some offer the ability to pull through.  Give us a call if you need more information.

How much do the sites cost and are there additional charges?   Each site includes 2 adults.  any child under 2yrs is free, all others are $8 each per night.

Do you have concessions? We do offer concession rates, there is a reduction of $2 on the price.

Are you pet friendly?  Yes we are but we most definitely have pet rules in place given the birds and native animals that live at Discovery Lagoon.  All pet owners need to know rules re dogs allowed at managers discretion, 1 dog per site, must be on a lead at all times, must never be left unattended and owners must clean up after the dog – there are bags available on site.

We have children, can we get closer to the amenities and the playground area?  Certainly, we try to accommodate all requests.

Can we get a larger spot, we have a big caravan?  The larger caravan owners appreciate the corner plots – which are always well sought after by all and good for people bringing dogs, as it allows them more room to keep the dogs away from other campers.

Can we get a site with shade or more sun?  Some request shade at times when there are high temperatures and ask to be in amongst the trees, others need the sun to power their solar.  The sun moves across at different angles throughout the year so if this is something you want more or less of, please get in touch and we can make recommendations based on your interest.

Are there powered sites available? Yes there are 8 powered sites available to book. Please remember that the amenities etc on site are still totally off grid and powered by solar & gas, so still no electrical devices with heating elements allowed. Powered sites exempted!